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1.jpgWMS Financial Planners Inc. offer an exceptionally wide range of high-quality financial services. Perhaps foremost among these is Risk Management Planning, specifically concentrating on the thorny issue of insurance. As William M. Swayne III, Director of Investments, explains,” The first part of this process is understanding your insurance coverage and the insurance coverage that you need, as the two things don’t always align. Not having the proper insurance can put your financial life in a world of hurt, you never know when an emergency could strike and it is wise to be prepared for it.

“One thing we can help you evaluate is long-term care insurance plans, as people continue to live longer and longer and sometimes our bodies cannot keep up with our minds or vice versa, either way leading us to need care in an assisted living facility, which can be very pricey,” warns William M. Swayne III, before continuing, “As a family team providing financial planning, we believe there are three basic choices with all types of insurance. The first choice is to self-insure, meaning we think that we have assets that can cover any need that might arise. The next option is that you put the risk on an insurance company and pay all the required fees. The third option, the one that WMS Financial Planners promote, is that you share the risk as much as possible.

“WMS Financial can show you how this is possible through risk management planning. We work on keeping the insurance premiums low and use the needed coverage to cover the areas that are of the biggest risk to you and your finances,” outlines William M. Swayne III. “This option is the best of both worlds, as it is sort of a combination between self-insuring and paying insurance companies exorbitant fees. WMS Financial Planners make sure that you are receiving just the right amount of insurance and are successfully avoiding being over-insured and thus paying very high insurance prices, he promises.

WMS and financial services work to make sure that you are finding the proper balance in regards to your finances and are receiving the most benefits as possible. We will not just take over the management of your finances we will involve you in every step of the way, which will provide you with the proper knowledge and education in regards to how it all actually works and what things you can do in order to have the best finances possible,” concludes William M. Swayne III.