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1.jpgWMS Financial Planners Inc. is proud to be a part of the great American tradition of family-owned companies. We are a financial advisory company, and work extremely hard to provide you with the very highest standard of service currently available on the market. In order to ensure that our clients are fully aware of the posible risks entailed in planning financial investments, we offer our expertise and experience in virtually all areas of financial investments, particularly in the areas of Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Risk Management, and Estate Planning.

An overview of WMS Financial clearly reveals that the company prides itself on tailoring each of our services to address the individual needs of our clients. Our goal is to help you become fully aware of your financing options as well as helping you to achieve your financial goals. We also offer free consultations in person or over the phone to discuss exactly what you would like us to help you with. This consultation does not entail any obligation to us. We are simply here to advise you of your options.

One service WMS Financial Planners consider of paramount importance is providing our clients with extremely comprehensive investment strategies. This is without doubt thethe most essential and requested service we offer. With our expertize, we help you decide what exactly you should hope to realize from your portfolio. Do you intend to use your portfolio for growth, earning additional income, or for both? Once we have both decided on the best strategy, we will then advise you on how much risk to integrate into both your non-qualified and qualified portfolios.  Of course, this is only a very short description of the services WMS Financial Planners Inc. is able to provide in order for you to fully realize the potential of your investments. We consider it our duty to truly determine what it is you need, and only then develop a personalized portfolio. Only after we are absolutely certain what your requirements are do we advise you about the most suitable asset managers and those investments which they represent. Naturally, there are many types of investments that you can choose from. To name but a few, these include real estate, stocks, bonds, art, collectibles, antiques, precious metals, and mutual funds.

WMS Financial is a fee-based investment advisors and our options include: no-load mutual funds, individual stocks and exchange traded funds, institutional money managers, individual issues, alternative investments, and tax efficient accounts and insurance products that can provide income for both retirees and investors. Investment planning is one of the most important and difficult to navigate areas of finance.  Therefore, it is generally considered the area of finance that people need the most guidance with. Choosing the right investments on your own is fraught with problems and dangers. And that is precisely why we are here to assist you to make the most of your investments. WMS Financial Planners Inc. is shedding the light on your financial future – and we fervently believe that unity is very definitely strength.