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Our company, WMS Financial Planning, is family owned and operated and here to assist you with whatever you may need. Our retirement planning services are exceptional as we understand how important it is to be able to enjoy your retirement but you cannot do that if you are worried about the state of your finances after you retire. It is approximated that a person’s time in retirement takes up to 30% of their lives, which is a scary thought because what if you outlive your retirement fund? Then what? This is why it is not only important but absolutely essential for people to begin planning for their retirement in advance. The key part of retirement planning is understanding what you make now and what you will be receiving during your retirement. Once you understand the cash flow you need to create a plan that will maximize your money. We can then consider pre-tax savings opportunities and then move on to consider different investment opportunities. The key here is to plan as planning is a necessity.

If you are not near Seattle but are still looking for some tips on managing your retirement plans here are some things that might help you. Managing your retirement is fairly hard without a professionals assistance, but we understand that not everyone can afford to employ a financial planner, which is why we offer many tips on our website so you can be knowledgeable about all things financial related. If you are just starting out with your career and retirement is years away keeping some of your retirement funds in stocks is a good idea. One thing to try is dollar-cost averaging, which consists of investing consistently in securities regardless of the markets fluctuations. This is a good way to build up your financial portfolio in the long run. Also it is smart to diversify your assets in your retirement fund. This basically just means to invest in various things, in order to lessen the impact of any one particular loss. This doesn’t mean that you will not still face risk, it just means that your risk will lessen considerably with the proper diversification. One option that could be less risky to invest part of your retirement funds in would be guaranteed interest contracts, which are offered by insurance companies. These contracts can provide a set rate of return for a particular period of time.