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One service we provide for our clients here at WMS Financial Planning, is investment planning. This is the most basic and essential service we can offer you. With this service you have to decide what you want from you portfolio. Do you intend to use your portfolio for growth, income, or both? You then have to determine for how long, with how much risk, to integrate your non-qualified portfolio with your qualified one, and much more. This is only a very short list of things you need to consider in order to make successful investments. It is our job to truly determine what it is you want and need and then develop a personalized portfolio that incorporates these things. Only after we determine what your needs are do we choose the most ideal asset managers and investments that represent them. There are many types of investments that you can choose from such as; real estate, stocks, bonds, art, collectibles, antiques, precious metals, and mutual funds. We are fee-based investment advisors and our options include: no-load mutual funds, individual stocks and exchange traded funds, institutional money managers, individual issues, alternative investments, and tax efficient accounts and insurance products that can provide incomes for both retirees and investors.

If you are interested in your investing options one thing you should definitely consider are investing in bonds. The three basic types of bonds available are: U.S. Treasury, municipal, and corporate bonds. Usually Treasury Securities are the safest option as the government backs them. Another advantage is that they are excluded from state and local taxes, which ultimately means you are able to keep more of your money. Another type is municipal bonds, which are given out by the state and local governments with the goal of funding construction of: schools, infrastructure, housing, sewage systems, and many more things. These bonds can be exempt from federal income taxes but not always local and state taxes. Another kind of bond is corporate bonds, which are a type of bond that is given out by corporations in order to provide funding for business expansion or huge capital investment. These bonds are considered to be very risky, but on the other hand they can yield much more profit. Another type is a zero-coupon bond, which is a type of bond that is given at a large discount compared to its actual value but it does not pay any interest.